Glass kitchen serving screen installation in Leytonstone, E11

Here’s a simple question: which looks cleaner and more professional, a nice sheet of glass or a tatty piece of plastic? No contest, is there? Glass wins every time.

A&B Glassworks were called to The North Star in Browning Road, Leytonstone, a beautiful little pub in the backstreets of London E11. Their speciality is delicious Thai food, but there’s also a thriving little pizza business there, called Papi’s Munchies, which is very popular with the locals and customers from further afield.

Simona, Augustine and Marcus serve great pizzas, but they struggled to connect with their customers through an ugly Perspex screen put up by the previous owners. The screen was erected as a condition of hygiene rules, not covid, but it simply didn’t do justice to the excellent pizzas served by Simona and her team.

A&B were given the task of providing a replacement that would be practical, attractive and easily cleaned.

We started by filling in the pitched roof angle at the top of the screen to square off the serving hatch area, then fitted a channel around the aperture. Into this we slotted three panels of 6mm toughened glass, with finger grips for easy opening.

Stunning sandblasted logo

But the best bit of all was Papi’s self-designed logo on the centre glass panel, etched on by sandblasting, then protected by a “clearshield” process, for a really professional finish. Not only does it look great, but you can actually see Simona and the team behind the glass for once!

They are delighted with the bright, fresh look of the place, as is Kevin, landlord of The North Star, who rewarded A&B with plenty of beer and pizza.

So, whatever your glass requirements may be, whether it’s a sophisticated kitchen splashback or a bespoke screen like the one at Papi’s, talk to us at A&B Glassworks and we will help you realise your dream.

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