Glass kitchen splashback installation in Enfield, North London

AB Glassworks is always willing to tackle the jobs that other glass companies say cannot be done. We were recently contacted by a customer in Enfield, North London who was desperate for a full-length glass splashback to be installed in the kitchen of the house he was renovating.  Three other glass companies near him had already said they were unwilling or unable to supply and fit a splashback of over three metres in length as a single panel. 

All the local suppliers had told him it was too big and would need to be supplied as two or three separate panels.  That was when the customer came to us.  There is no good reason why a splashback cannot be supplied in that size, provided the walls are perfectly flat. It is just a harder job for the glass company and, of course, there’s more risk.

Tough, durable and bespoke

All our splashbacks are produced in toughened glass so that they are durable and able to withstand the heat from kitchen hobs. They are bespoke and can be made to any colour by way of computerised scanning.  Customers can supply any object for a colour match, be it a tile or a piece of fabric, it can be made to your personal preference and specification.  Splashbacks add a real touch of class to your home as well as being wipe clean and long lasting. 

It goes without saying, of course, that all measurements must be absolutely spot on, with cut-outs for socket boxes accurately placed in order for the splashback to fit perfectly and look sleek.   Matthew went to survey the job using both laser and manual measures on a Friday. The job, specification and price were agreed that afternoon and the splashback arrived the following week.

Special transport arranged

At over three metres it was too big for our van, so we enlisted help from Jim at Roadhog Productions who is normally a film set driver. Jim has worked on productions such as The Crown and knows how to drive with care!  It was a nervous journey for all of us, but the large splashback made it safely though North London from Stoke Newington to Enfield.   We installed it in under an hour and the owner was overjoyed with the end result, the service and the price — so much so that we have already had two more enquiries due to his recommendations.

So, if you want to impress your friends at your dinner parties and receive a better standard of customer service than your local glass supplier is willing to give, then get in touch with A&B Glassworks today.  We will always do what we can to fulfil your glazing desires, however difficult they seem in planning.

To contact us, please email or call us on 0207 254 4541 or visit us at 124 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7NY. Alternatively, use our contact us form here.

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